Due to many number of factors sometimes rush service is required and when that happens you have enough to worry about without adding shipping supply concerns.  You can cut out the worry of getting the correct packing material for your product, even if you don’t have the room for bulky shipping materials in your facility, by utilizing our Just In Time Inventory service.  We will keep an inventory of your regulary used packaging and when those rush shipments due arise just give us a call and we can deliver your needed supplies within hours.


J-I-T Inventory

ISMP 15: EEPAC is certified with an ISPM 15 stamp, otherwise known as a HT stamp, for all our wood products.  See below for frequently asked questions about ISPM 15 regulations.

  Secure Packaging/Crating
BOX DESIGN: The first method of securement we use is the design of the box itself.  We design the box to allow the least amount of movement and when necessary cutouts/grooves/or securement holes, among other custom requests, are implimented into the box design.
STRECH WRAP: Used as a minumum requirement for securement.  Normally used in conjunction with another method of securement.
STRAPPING: Can be made of steel, nylon, or other durabale material.  Used to secure products to their shipping containers and/or other products.  May require the use of corner protectors or other protective measures.
BOLTING: When it is prudent or necessary to do so, we can bolt the product to the base of the shipping container to help secure it from movement.